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Why Us?"Honesty and transparency is our policy"

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a managing agent for your development is their qualification to perform the duty, followed closely by experience. Our team at RESI are all members of professional bodies associated with property management and licensed by the governing authority ‘The Property Services Regulatory Authority’, as well as having extensive experience in the management of residential and commercial assets for property owners.

Established in 2011 as a new entrant into the residential market Residential Estate Services aims to follow the unprecedented success of our commercial company ‘Noncore Facility Management’. We are driven by our goal to introduce the established values of transparency, professionalism and trust with which Noncore has become identified, into the residential market. We also aim to deliver on the key legislative changes in the residential market following the enactment of the property services regulatory bill 2011 and the multi-unit development bill 2011. Both documents aimed to establish guidelines and parameters for best practice within the industry, values underwritten here at RESI.

Why Choose RESI?

  • Our experience in the commercial market assisted in developing thorough auditing procedures for all companies who wish to be considered for our tender lists. This includes, among other areas; auditing of head offices, site inspections of similar projects, questionnaires with existing clients, record keeping review, health and safety and environmental management procedure inspections.
  • Our detailed tendering procedures ensure you receive the most economically advantageous prices from subcontractors in the markets.
  • Our comprehensive service level agreements (SLA) with sub-contractors ensure your developments are maintained to the highest standards for asset preservation objectives (physical, financial and social), in keeping with corporate social responsibility standards.
  • Our client commitment and dedicated senior management contact per site policy ensures all sites are routinely and regularly inspected, as well as sub-contractors who have been appointed to each, during the course of their planned maintenance programmes.
  • We believe in information sharing and transparency, and give our unwavering commitment on both to all clients.

Our team take great pride in the condition of your property and reaching all asset preservation objectives (physical, financial and social), in keeping with corporate social responsibility standards.

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Standard Services

  • Tendering
  • Insurance Renewals
  • Health & Safety
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Auditing
  • Utility Management
  • Waste Management
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An individual approach to residential property management

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In respect of residential property management, we are driven by our goal of delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality in all we do. Our detailed specifications (service level agreements) regarding property maintenance represent best practice in the field, with ongoing regular inspections and feedback reporting to members on the health of your buildings and plant. well as strategic preventative measures.